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Welcome to Task Unit Charlie!

Founded on September 29th of 2018, Task Unit Charlie (rebranded from 28th MEU on 07/18) has since then strived to deliver a compelling, semi-realistic take on the United States Coast Guard's MSRT, operations, protocols, and a community that welcomes all.

Every Saturday around 1700 EST (5 PM) we hold our main campaign operations, and typically hold a secondary operation (campaign related but not on the main storyline) the following Sunday at the same time. Our campaigns consist of anywhere from 6 operations to 12 or even 13, depending on the setting and how well our community enjoys the current campaign. Additionally, we hold other events, sometimes unrelated to ArmA, throughout the week and weekends pending member availability.

We have a broad array of positions available, and while we understand that many people wish to be pilots, we have a policy that anyone who wishes to be a pilot must achieve at least two weeks time in service and show considerable dedication to the unit, to keep it fair for those who are already in the unit who meet these requirements, and eventually may decide to become a pilot, as we do have limited slots for piloting, especially fixed wing. This is because we believe that no matter how you look at the game, ArmA is, always has been, and likely always will be a game with infantry warfare at its core, and thus there would be no point of having too many pilots compared to our infantry.

Aside from a wide range of positions available, we also have lots of room for advancement within our ranks, which all depends on a members dedication to the unit; a member who shows great dedication, although may not be able to attend every operation will likely be put above someone who goes to every operation but doesn't participate in any other events. There is no time in grade or time in service requirement for any leadership position, other than the requirements that may apply to the positions under said leadership position (i.e. pilots).

In conclusion, we hope to grow our numbers and improve the experience of all our members as time goes on. We certainly may not be the largest unit out there, but if you are looking for a place to make friends and just chill in or out of game, then stop by, and you may like what you see! If you have any kinds of questions, do not hesitate to join our discord or teamspeak and find a recruiter or staff member, and they will help to see if we are the right choice for you!