CSG-15 | Command Structure

Rank Structure


We have a total of 20 attainable ranks for each branch. While they are not all necessarily used at any moment in time, each rank has its purpose.

Senior Officer/Field-grade (O-4 through O-6)

In the Navy, Senior Officers are in charge of larger overarching divisions such as aviation wings, and certain ships. Field-grade Officers are generally the leaders of the 28th MEU and its battallions.

Junior Officer/Company-grade (O-1 through O-3)

In the Navy, Junior Officers are in charge of a Staff Corps, aviation squaqdrons, or are simply pilots, and can also lead SWCC teams. Company-grade Officers (for the Marines) are the leaders of Companies, Platoons, Aviation Squadrons, and can lead MARSOC teams.

Chief Petty Officers/Staff Non-Commissioned Officers (E-5/E-6 through E-9)

In general, the CPOs and SNCOs of the Navy and Marine Corps, respectively, have the same duties, just translated to their respective divisions. For example, both SNCOs and CPOs are the people between the regular Enlisted and NCO population and the officers, putting them in a position right in the middle of the Chain-of-Command. Furthermore, both positions generally call for 'morale-boosting' personalities.

Petty Officers/Non-Commissioned Officers (E-4 through E-5/E-6)

While the Navy does not have Infantry squads, a Petty Officer may lead a certain part of a crew, or lead a SWCC element. NCOs are usually in charge of a squad, fireteam, or section.

Apprentices/Junior Enlisted (E-1 through E-3)

For every branch of the United States' Armed Forces, the ranks of E-1 through E-3 are the starting ranks and make up the manpower of the entire military. These personnel can take a broad range of positions, although they are usually not in any kind of leadership position.

Grade Insignia Abbreviation Rank
Senior Officer Ranks
O-6 CAPT Captain
O-5 CDR Commander
O-4 LCDR Lieutenant Commander
Junior Officer Ranks
O-3 LT Lieutenant
O-2 LTJG Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
O-1 ENS Ensign
Warrant Officer Ranks
W-5 CWO-5 Chief Warrant Officer 5
W-4 CWO-4 Chief Warrant Officer 4
W-3 CWO-3 Chief Warrant Officer 3
W-2 CWO-2 Chief Warrant Officer 2
W-1 WO-1 Warrant Officer 1
Chief Petty Officer Ranks
E-9* CMDCM Command Master Chief Petty Officer
E-9 MCPO Master Chief Petty Officer
E-8 SCPO Senior Chief Petty Officer
E-7 CPO Chief Petty Officer
Petty Officer Ranks
E-6 PO1 Petty Officer First Class
E-5 PO2 Petty Officer Second Class
E-4 PO3 Petty Officer Third Class
Apprentice Ranks
E-3 SN/HN (Sea/Hospital)man
E-2 SA/HA (Sea/Hospital)man Apprentice


SR/HR (Sea/Hospital)man Recruit
Marine Corps
Grade Insignia Abbreviation Rank
Field-grade Officer Ranks
O-6 Col Colonel
O-5 LtCol Lieutenant Colonel
O-4 Maj Major
Company-grade Officer Ranks
O-3 Capt Captain
O-2 1stLt First Lieutenant
O-1 2ndLt Second Lieutenant
Warrant Officer Ranks
W-5 CWO5 Chief Warrant Officer-5
W-4 CWO4 Chief Warrant Officer-4
W-3 CWO3 Chief Warrant Officer-3
W-2 CWO2 Chief Warrant Officer-2
W-1 WO Warrant Officer
Staff Non-Commissioned Officer Ranks
E-9 MGySgt Master Gunnery Sergeant
E-8* 1stSgt First Sergeant
E-8 MSgt Master Sergeant
E-7 GySgt Gunnery Sergeant
E-6 SSgt Staff Sergeant
Non-Commissioned Officer Ranks
E-5 Sgt Sergeant
E-4 Cpl Corporal
Junior Enlisted Ranks
E-3 LCpl Lance Corporal
E-2 PFC Private First Class


Pvt Private